Referendum on LGBTQ+ equality

Say No to the following candidates becuase they will roll back protections of LGBTQ+ students and staff at LCPS

Julie Sisson (at-large)

Melanie Turner (Algonkian)

Ram Venkatachalam (Blue Ridge)

John Beatty (Catoctin)

Jeff Morse (Dulles)

Joseph Newcomer (Leesburg)

Mike Neely (Sterling)

The November 5th elections for the Loudoun County School Board will be a referendum on LGBTQ+ equality. The Republican candidates have pledged to roll back protections for gender identity and sexual orientation in the LCPS 1040 policy.

Jeff Morse (Dulles), who is running unopposed, voted against adding these protections in January 2017 and February 2019

Julie Sisson (at-large), Melanie Turner (Algonkian), Ram Venkatachalam (Blue Ridge), John Beatty (Catoctin), Joseph Newcomer (Leesburg), and Mike Neely (Sterling) stated yes when they were asked “would you support removal of references to sexual orientation and gender identity in LCPS’s Policy 1040?”

Removing protections for our LGBTQ+ community will leave LCPS staff and students open to discrimination and bullying. Policies are effective at preventing discrimination when they are fully enumerated. The results from a Rice University study “suggest that people are likely to change their behavior not because they are necessarily afraid of being punished for violating the law, but because these laws send a clear message about acceptable moral behavior in the community.

“We argue that the symbolic effects of the law do have the ability to reduce interpersonal discrimination—these effects occur because anti-discrimination legislation can create social norms that govern what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviors to display toward stigmatized individuals,” the researchers write in the journal Psychology, Public Policy and Law.”

Please consider LGBTQ+ equality when you vote.

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